What are they saying about us?

Our clients are often kind enough to offer positive thoughts about the services we provide. These testimonials will give you an idea of what to expect when we work for you.

"We would strongly recommend Mohawk Creations..."

We came to Mohawk Creations with a half-finished Flash website that we couldn't complete. They took charge of the situation, explained to us why Flash was not a good solution for our needs, and rebuilt it in CSS. We ended up with a much better site, a FINISHED site, and it only took 2 1/2 weeks! We would strongly recommend Mohawk Creations if you value your time and money.

Rick Hansen

"I feel like the most important client they have..."

I am the president of an international glass artist consortium and could not have the successful business that I do without J. Anthony Garwick and Mohawk Creations! We hired them to create our logo, mailers, web site, EVERYTHING! There have been occasions when I have emailed them 50+ website changes to photos and verbiage in 20 different emails within minutes of each other and, like magic — J. Anthony/Mohawk Creations makes everything work and look wonderful in a very short time. He always made me feel like I am the most important client he has and there is nothing else he would rather do than figure out the mess of information I have sent him!

Bottom line—I will never let Anthony escape! He is too important to the success of my business.

Cynthia Levy, Ph.D.
Hilton Head Design

"Very timely and affordable design..."

Working with Mohawk Creations was great! In addition to J. Anthony Garwick's technical knowledge, he provided a creative and artistic perspective that other web designers just don't seem to possess. He was able to take our basic idea and concepts and make them into a finished project in a very timely and affordable manner. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking to design a web site or any other branding materials for their business.

Russ DeVore
Meridian Revenue Solutions